ST. JOSEPH — It’s been 50 years since Don Johnson took a chance and opened an advertising agency in his basement.

““Our company was founded on driving results for our clients and helping them succeed,” she said. “This was the genesis of our first mission statement which was to earn long and mutually rewarding partnerships by delivering unsurpassed service, quality and value.””Read this article: JohnsonRauhoff builds on 50-year legacy

While we are beginning to ask people in power to do the important, necessary work to root out their own conscious and unconscious biases, my experiences have taught me that people do still tend to hire people who are like them. But we can’t leave it only to the women to hire more women, to people …

“As companies, funds and boards continue to prioritize gender re-balancing, the chances that high potential women will find relatable role models is increasing. But what about all of the high potential individuals for whom it’s even harder to find representation at senior levels?”Read this article: Why It Matters to Have Diversity in Positions of Influence […]

Give yourself the grace to learn and feel whatever you’re feeling because parenthood is an emotional roller coaster.Don’t judge yourself or compare yourself to other parents. Carve out time for your kids in your life, but don’t forget to carve out time for you — even if it’s just takin…

“I feel very fortunate to have an employer that allows me to be very flexible — I think that kind of trust builds a lot of loyalty. ” /Read this article: C-Suite Moms: “Give yourself the grace to learn and feel whatever you’re feeling because parenthood is an emotional roller coaster. “ with Stephanie McCarty […]

For the fifth time in Best Buy’s history, a new CEO leads the company. And for the first time, it’s a woman. Corie Barry is now the eighth female CEO of a Fortune 100 company and the youngest female.

“The mother of a nine and 12-year-old, Barry says she has two full-time jobs: mom and CEO. She’s not presumptuous to give advice to other working parents; she simply recommends trying to find what works for you.”Read this article: Best Buy Introduces Corie Barry As The Company’s First Female CEO

Gina Adams was inspired by her stepfather who had Parkinson’s disease.

“”I am very fortunate to have found my life’s purpose,” Adams said. “Despite the trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur, this company feels right. Helping people regain confidence, time and dignity is important.””Read this article: Mom creates magnetic buttons after seeing struggle of family member with disability

Don’t be afraid of imperfection. Things will rarely go as planned, so get ready to think on your feet, learn quickly and adjust. If you guide yourself and others by great values, put your energy into things you truly care about and use good judgement, something great will come of it. I had the ple…

“Mothers are efficient. We get stuff done. As a parent, I was committed to getting home for dinner with my family, so I made the most out of every moment while I was at the office to ensure I could make this happen every night.”Read this article: C-Suite Moms: Athleta CEO, Nancy Green “Things will […]

Computer Science 101 ruined Kristen Miller’s perfect GPA. She was close to finishing her degree at the University of Illinois but had been putting off the required class. A psychology major with a 4.0…

“Programs such as Women in Cloud help give women-led startups more opportunities, and they also keep the conversation going. Angelo argues that just knowing there’s a problem, and confronting the scope of it, is one of the most important parts of finding a solution.”Read this article: How this woman’s journey to becoming a startup CEO […]

Corporate America’s diversity push may finally be starting to show carry-on effects.

““We are seeing women and minorities on boards ticking up, and boards have a lot to do with who becomes CEOs,” says Lorraine Hariton, CEO of Catalyst, a nonprofit consulting and research firm focused on women in the workplace. “Read this article: The Fortune 500 Has More Female CEOs Than Ever Before

Carlota Pi Amorós is a young mother with three children who recently co-founded Holaluz (pronounced “Oh-la-LOOSE”), a Spanish electric company that provides “100% green” electricity (that’s its mot…

“– Always believe that your goals are attainable. – Grow as a team. – People come first. – Enjoy your work.” /Read this article: 10 Secrets of a mother of 3 who’s also a corporate CEO

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“From my own experience as a mother, I have gained new perspectives on how to communicate, listen and bring out the best in people,” stated Jennifer Carrea, CEO of Kantar’s Profiles Division in the Americas. “Embracing one’s role as a parent can help refine and develop the skills that most of use each and every […]