Female candidates across the U.S. are showing off their physical strength in campaign ads that include them boxing, mountain climbing and more.

“But it’s not just the number of women running that make 2018 different — it’s how they’re running. After decades of being told to look, sound and act a certain way, female candidates across the U.S. are bucking the traditional concept of electability, proudly showing off their physical strength in campaign ads that feature them […]

New research has revealed the unconscious gender bias that still exists in the workforce and the difficult position female leaders are still put in today.

““Whereas stereotypically feminine traits are appreciated as nice ‘add-ons’ for leaders, it is stereotypically masculine attributes that are valued as the defining qualities of the leader role, especially by men (who are often the gatekeepers to these roles)” Vial reported.”Read this article: The Catch-22 Facing Female Leaders Today

The Wing, the network of women-focused clubs and coworking communities, is opening The Little Wing, an on-site babysitting and children’s program for members.

“According to The Wing cofounder and COO Lauren Kassan, a new mom herself, about 20% of the startup’s current members are mothers. Kassan said she hopes The Wing can help “play a small part in creating more balance [for moms] and making it easier for women to work and live their lives.””Read this article: Co-working […]

There are many things that employers can do to better support new moms, from extended paid leave, nursing moms rooms, child care subsidies, but these two things are easy and will make a huge difference in the lives of working moms.

“What I didn’t prepare myself for was beneath the decent maternity leave package and the seeming excitement upon my return was the systemic bias that plagues hiring and promotions, which in effect passes up and sidelines working mothers. We’ve all seen it happen under the guise of “helping,” where managers limit the workload of new […]

What does it take to battle stereotypes around young, female CEOs and executives? Hear from these women.

“According to Chicago executive search firm Crist Kolder, the average age of C-suite positions has risen 15 percent since 2005 and, as of 2017, the average CEO in the U.S. was 54 years old. Not exactly a fountain of youth.”Read this article: Natalie Cofield of Walker’s Legacy, others share war stories – Washington Business Journal

Until the culture values things other than dominance and independence, women will continue to face an uphill climb in Silicon Valley.

“In 2007, Lynn Jurich left what she describes as a “cushy job” in venture capital to co-found Sunrun, pioneering the solar-as-a-service business model. Eight years later — and less than two months after giving birth to her first child — Jurich took Sunrun public.”Read this article: Sunrun CEO Lynn Jurich on Venture Capital, Conscious Leadership, […]

“Out of six classes, one class was predominantly children of working moms. These women—10 of the 13 total—had asked for the exact same thing.”

“I quickly realized the issue: I didn’t have a community of women who were in the same situation as me, balancing work and family. I felt guilty that I struggled with “being in the moment” with my kids because I had other obligations that were top of mind. This was a constant issue, and I […]

Let’s just say that the dads on set aren’t held to the same standards.

“Knightley is saying that the men she works with aren’t expected to parent at all. They’re on the job, so they can put their fatherly duties on hold. Knightley can’t afford to do that as a mother and nor would she want to.”Read this article: Keira Knightley Pens a Powerful Essay About the Double Standards […]

Working moms deal with a lot of stigma, from being judged to facing discrimination and obstacles in the workplace. For celebrities, mom-shaming and mom guilt can be taken to a whole new level thanks to their position in the public eye. But,…

“People have been making the case for childcare in the workplace for ages and it seems Kaling is on board with it. In her recent interview, Kaling told People that because there’s “more mature people working on shows,” she thinks “that’s gonna be the next big push, actually, is making places so you can be […]

Women founders and CEOs of start-up companies receive a small portion of total venture capital dollars and company equity. But there’s a growing movement in Silicon Valley to upend the boys’ world, and wealth.

“At my very first venture-funding meeting, I sat across the table from an investor who looked at my resume, saw Harvard Law but no MBA or background in finance, and said, ‘What are you, just pretty to look at?’”Read this article: The Silicon Valley boys club confronts a well-connected network debunking the male-founder myth