To this Shark Tank investor and New York real estate mogul, grit is a key signal for entrepreneurial prowess.

“She’s talked about how school, where she consistently earned poor grades, made her feel restless and restricted. Corcoran was more at home in the working world, where she could stand on her own two feet.”Read this article: What’s in a Pitch? Barbara Corcoran to Talk Strategy at OZY Fest

Many women are closing the wage gap and getting the freedom, flexibility, and balance they crave by making the leap from leader to entrepreneur. Here are three strategies to go from employee to CEO.

“It doesn’t matter if you have a working spouse or you’re a single mom – women are getting tired of delaying the decision to be happy and have more balance in their lives and careers.”Read this article: Making The Leap From Corporate Leader To Successful Entrepreneur

This education tutoring startup can help you grow your business by cutting down on administrative work by 30%. If you’re a teacher who wants to become an entrepreneur in the tutoring niche, this company can help you meet your goals.

“I advise entrepreneurs not to get overwhelmed and to stay focused on your mission. At the end of the day, all of these groups matter, but I believe entrepreneurs should measure their success by the impact the product has on the lives of students and teachers.”Read this article: This Entrepreneur Is Empowering Educators To Build […]

And other lies we’ve been told… A few years ago, I attended a tech conference for women. One of the title sponsors was asked to say a few words. She just had a baby and came up holding her sleeping newborn. She gave her speech while gently swaying and patting that sweet baby’s bottom.

“So if you see a mom who is holding a conference call while pushing a stroller around the mall, or a mom who lets her child count your change at her farmer’s market booth, or a mom who straps her baby to her chest to give a speech – give her a hi-five and tell […]

Lara Bazelon, a divorced mom of young children, a lawyer, a law professor and a writer published an op-ed this week about how prioritizing her work caused her to miss some of her young children’s birthdays and school events. Reader comments reveal how the debate about working moms is changing.

“If we are going to be judgmental about how much time parents spend working, then we should at least be sure not to let gender bias creep into our judgments. We shouldn’t hold mothers to a different standard than fathers—both mothers and fathers should be judged by the same criteria.”Read this article: The Debate Regarding […]

From Shawn Johnson and Lindsey Vonn to Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova, women athletes are starting businesses. And why not? They already have the right mindset.

“People don’t choose to play sports or start a business because it’s easy. They do it because it’s challenging, and they enjoy healthy competition.”Read this article: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From the Victorious U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, and a Lot of Other Women Athletes