A new study is both depressing and empowering.

“The critical factor in a woman’s achieving the top job is taking ownership of her ambition. This starts with seeing herself as a leader, which is by no means as simple as it sounds. Recognizing the work-life compromises they would have to make and the barriers that they would face meant that our interviewees described […]

Being lectured to by men who may know less than you about a topic undermines your authority. Here’s how to put overconfident men in their place and show who’s boss.

“Instead of sitting back and letting men explain things you already know, make it clear what you understand and advance the conversation. Men communicate more directly, and responding in a direct manner can help men wake up to what they are doing.”Read this article: 4 Ways Women Leaders Shut Down Mansplaining

A list without any ‘thought leader’ or business guru guides — yet still packed with ideas about business, industry change, leadership and careers

“Below, seven recent or soon-to-be published books to consider for your pool bag from business writers or academics — rather than consultants — that hold their own with the rest of the summer reading shelf.”Read this article: Analysis | Seven business books that won’t put you to sleep at the beach

The word brazen means “bold and without apologies, without shame.” A St. Louis group of the same name aims to help women entrepreneurs and CEOs grow their businesses.

“We’re focused on the nuts and bolts of how to build and scale your business, regardless of industry,” Mazur says. “This includes accounting, raising money, legal, technology, marketing and more. We’re focused on the building blocks.”Read this article: Emboldening St. Louis Women

Anne Hathaway talks about the supportive all-female environment when it came to pumping breast milk on the set of Ocean’s 8. But what about the average woman?

“I was so happy, because I was breastfeeding, and I had that moment where I was like ‘is this going to be a positive environment to be able to do that in?’ but everybody was fantastic. I remember there was one moment where we were shooting a little long, and I just kind of went, […]

As a way of making life easier for Working Moms, Nissan employees Can Now Ship Breast Milk home when traveling, for Free!

“New moms returning to work have an added stress of managing their work-life balance,” said Michelle Baron, vice president of Human Resources for Nissan North America. “The breast milk shipping program allows Nissan to support mothers in this stage of life and alleviate some of their worries (while traveling for work).”Read this article: Nissan Working […]

Ruth Soukup’s podcast, Do It Scared, breaks down why we should all go easier on ourselves

“But what if balance doesn’t actually exist? What if that little voice is lying to us? And worse yet, what if all this striving for balance is actually what’s holding us back? Maybe our desire for balance is completely wrong. That’s why it’s time to silence that voice once and for all.”Read this article: Why […]