“As if my life weren’t about to get super crazy this fall, I ALMOST just signed up to be a Room Parent at my daughter’s school.”

“Moms try to do it all, right? We work, we parent, we clean, we volunteer, we grocery shop, we go to the gym — the days fill up pretty quickly. Some of us just take on too much but sometimes, we realize before it’s too late that we’re about to hit mom overload.”Read this article: […]

I watch a lot of cartoons during the day. I work from home, which means when my son is with me during the day. And that means, even though he plays around the apartment, I still have cartoons on in the background. But rarely do those cartoons show…

“Take this scene for example: Daniel Tiger visits his mom at work and wants her to play with him, but she can’t because she’s working. He doesn’t understand this at first, and keeps asking for her attention, but Mom Tiger explains that, while at work, she can’t play and that Daniel can find something to […]

Meet the founder of Flora and Fauna.

“I often am asked ‘How can you work with your husband?’ and it’s really easy. You can have very blunt conversations which you need to have plus that person knows you very well so knows your shortfalls and what makes you tick,” she says.Read this article: Julie Mathers on ethical retailing, why #girlboss isn’t helping

Here are five tips for getting comfortable wearing the CEO hat.

“I quickly learned that being a female leader comes with a unique set of hurdles. Sure, there were the financial pressures, operational challenges and long hours every entrepreneur faces. But, as a woman, I was dealing with something entirely different: I was having a tough time seeing myself as a CEO.”Read this article: As a […]

Look, it’s 2018. We squeeze yogurt from plastic tubes and scoop smoothies out of bowls. (Hell, at Back Channel Brewing, bowls even stand…

“A stay-at-home mom, Fink’s always looking for food that’s convenient to eat while shuffling a trio of tots around. It’s not easy—especially if you crave something that’s both hand-held and healthy—which is why she was such a fan of cold-pressed juices when they became a constant in the Midwest.”Read this article: Meet the Minnesota mom […]

Gwen Jimmere, CEO, is not the only one driving the success of Naturalicious, one of the nation’s fastest growing hair care, beauty, and lifestyle companies. Caiden, her 7-year old son, has been involved in the company since it was founded in 2013, as the CCC, Chief Candy Curator.

“Jimmere started Naturalicious after finding herself on the brink of becoming an unemployed single mom. After an unexpected layoff from her full-time job and a sudden divorce, Jimmere decided to start selling her handmade, hair care products to generate an income for herself and her son. Caiden, then age 2, was there by her side […]

The issue is why are there not more women CEO’s, not why are women CEO’s leaving.

“To increase the number of women CEO’s, mothers/fathers should encourage and challenge their daughters to believe they can lead. Women need to own their career curation in a purposeful way. Make a 5 or 10 year plan of how you aspire to reach your goal, whether it’s as a senior exec or CEO.”Read this article: […]