Deborah Chin struggled to find her confidence and a job after giving birth.

“While Chin was struggling for a way to return, she heard from another mom about Path Forward. The New York-based non-profit matches companies with potential employees through returnships, a weeks or months-long paid internship for adults who have taken time away from their careers and want to re-enter the workforce.”Read this article: How a returnship […]

New flagship Browns Brook Street will open summer 2020 to mark the retailer’s 50th anniversary.

“Small decisions are not going to change everything, but it all adds up. We already have 45 sustainably produced brands [at Browns], but we’re introducing a new Conscious section in which they will all sit. That all started because someone asked if there was a way to navigate the site for sustainable brands. Everyone wants […]

Maria Colacurcio’s skills include tackling tough situations where emotions are high, being unflappable under stress, and coaching–none of which were earned in a job.

“Rather than requiring a set number of years in a prior job, isn’t having the necessary skills–whether they’re developed at another company, on the battlefield, or in the home–the part that matters?”Read this article: I’m a successful CEO and mother of 6. Here’s how parenting made me a better leader

Women earn 80 cents for every man working. But working moms earn even less at 69 cents. Many moms of color earn less than that.

“For Moms Equal Pay Day on June 10, the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) draws attention to the wage gap between mothers and fathers and the lost wages of the disparity. The day is marked on June 10 because that is how far into the year that the average working mom has to work to […]

Women underestimate themselves, but not in the way most people believe.

“It is vital for women leaders to understand what others see as their defining strengths and contributions. It requires a bit of effort and an open mind, but in so doing, we can begin to remove any self-imposed constraints preventing us from putting ourselves forward for bigger, better opportunities.”Read this article: Why Self-Awareness Isn’t Doing […]

Women leaders outperform men. So why don’t we have more female leaders at the top? Here’s why and what we can do about it.

“Because of their female leadership traits and leadership styles, female business leaders have proven to be more adept in managing crises, more conservative in matters involving money, and skilled at managing clients and inter-team relationships”Read this article: Why Female Leaders Outperform Men (And Why We Need More Of Them) – Thrive Global

Joor’s Kristin Savilia and NuOrder’s Olivia Skuza are trying to digitize and democratize the wholesale industry.

“You have to do your research on firms and see whether they’ve funded other female-CEO companies,” said Savilia. “It’s a good barometer to look at. I’m not saying that if they haven’t, then you shouldn’t talk to them, but it makes the conversation of why they haven’t a little more forefront.”Read this article: The Women […]

It really does take a village. And thanks to social media, moms today constantly have a village at their fingertips.

“One benefit of having mothers as part of the Happy Mama Mentors is that they’re able to bring their personal experiences into the conversation and share how they’ve dealt with the challenges that their customers are currently facing—in fact, they’re encouraged to do just that.”Read this article: Motherhood Today Takes A Social Media Village

How Amy Nelson, founder of The Riveter, successfully scaled the so-called maternal wall, and how other women can fight back, too.

“If one thing is clear from all of this, it is that women can grow companies while they are growing humans. And even the mothers who remain in the boardrooms of our modern day Fortune 500s are demonstrating to all that traditional ideas of motherhood as a weakness are flatly wrong. We’ve seen dozens of […]

She wanted the fragrance industry to be more transparent.The fragrance industry said no. So the actress took matters into her own hands.

“Pfeiffer never really desired to start a business. She’d accomplished plenty as an actor, and a new career wasn’t on her bucket list. But now she faced the kind of crossroads that creates entrepreneurs: Something doesn’t exist in the world; there is a problem to be solved. And there’s only one way to solve it. […]