Yes, it is possible to juggle a successful freelance life with motherhood.

“Books like Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In inspired me and motivated me, but I found that most of the advice was targeted toward women working in the corporate world. I struggled to find answers specific to the obstacles freelancers face.”Read this article: How to Survive (and Thrive) as a Freelancer with Kids

Because…you can’t be good at everything.

“Kids are like little energy suckers and they are endless in their demands to play. But at the end of an 8-to-5 day, I’m freakin’ tired. Exhausted, really. Here’s a simple solution that checks the “awesome mom” box: give each kid 10 minutes of undivided attention every night and let the rest of the time […]

More workplaces are adopting flexible schedules, but many working moms are still excluded.

When Sophia Petrov*, 39, was pregnant and showing with her second child, she noticed one day that she was constantly doing prep work for meetings with new and existing clients but was never actually asked to attend. Eventually, her boss pulled her aside and told her, “We don’t want the clients to see your stomach […]

Representing my stories on TV news shows means being in a studio early in the morning or late in the evening — exactly the hours parents carve out to be with their kids.

“My daughter’s cries woke me from a deep sleep at 5:37 a.m. I lay in bed saying a silent prayer to the God of All Working Parents that she’d turn over and go back to sleep.”Read this article: For a Working-Mom Reporter, ‘The Juggle’ Is Real

“As if my life weren’t about to get super crazy this fall, I ALMOST just signed up to be a Room Parent at my daughter’s school.”

“Moms try to do it all, right? We work, we parent, we clean, we volunteer, we grocery shop, we go to the gym — the days fill up pretty quickly. Some of us just take on too much but sometimes, we realize before it’s too late that we’re about to hit mom overload.”Read this article: […]

I watch a lot of cartoons during the day. I work from home, which means when my son is with me during the day. And that means, even though he plays around the apartment, I still have cartoons on in the background. But rarely do those cartoons show…

“Take this scene for example: Daniel Tiger visits his mom at work and wants her to play with him, but she can’t because she’s working. He doesn’t understand this at first, and keeps asking for her attention, but Mom Tiger explains that, while at work, she can’t play and that Daniel can find something to […]