Stacy Lewis helped land KPMG for the LPGA, and the forward-thinking sponsor cast the net wider for women throughout the world.

“Lewis and her husband, Gerrod Chadwell, may have felt a bit of trepidation this spring at The Masters when they informed her sponsor they were expecting their first child. Lewis wondered what that meant for her professional agreement since she will step away from the LPGA Tour in July.”Read this article: KPMG Women’s PGA Championship […]

Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John apologized for having to shut down a popular promotion, saying the company did not anticipate the overwhelming crowds.

“It’s heartbreaking,” John said. “I’m a mom of three, I know that the most disappointing moment is when a kid is super-excited and something doesn’t happen.”Read this article: Build-A-Bear CEO apologizes for chaotic ‘pay your age day’ promotion

HEYMAMA is flipping the script for working women with kiddos through its insightful online content and members-only perks, including meetups, exposure to established leaders, business resources, and, of course, general community.

“After 10 years in publishing, I decided to leave my career with no plan in place, just the knowledge that I’m now a role model for my tiny humans, so I need to feel like what I do every day is doing some good. It can be paralyzing when you’re doing the same thing for […]

Before she launched Create & Cultivate, Jaclyn Johnson founded No Subject, a marketing and events firm. But she never intended to be the boss.

After moving to Los Angeles from New York for a job opportunity with her then-employer, IAC, Johnson was laid off just four months after she made it to the West Coast. “I basically fell apart for a month, then emailed everyone I knew and said I was looking for freelance work.”Read this article: How Losing […]

Bethenny Frankel is a TV star who’s appeared on “The Apprentice,” “Shark Tank,” and, most famously, “The Real Housewives of New York City.” Along the way she’s built the Skinnygirl brand empire, including a cocktail company she sold for a reported $100 million in 2011.

“I’m not as much of a thinker about it as I am a doer about it. I’ll have the idea, and then I’ll go and do it. I don’t spend a lot of time sitting around just in the plan. I build the plane while I’m flying it.”Read this article: Skinnygirl CEO Bethenny Frankel explains […]

The Muse, a job-search and career-advice platform, started out as a side project for CEO Kathryn Minshew and her cofounder. Minshew said she waited to quit her day job until she saw that her idea could be a viable business.

“…the entrepreneurial world sometimes undervalues how powerful it can be to start small and test your idea on the side, on nights and weekends, while you understand the viability.”Read this article: The 32-year-old CEO of The Muse who quit a job at McKinsey to start her own company shows there are 2 ways to launch […]

A new study is both depressing and empowering.

“The critical factor in a woman’s achieving the top job is taking ownership of her ambition. This starts with seeing herself as a leader, which is by no means as simple as it sounds. Recognizing the work-life compromises they would have to make and the barriers that they would face meant that our interviewees described […]

Being lectured to by men who may know less than you about a topic undermines your authority. Here’s how to put overconfident men in their place and show who’s boss.

“Instead of sitting back and letting men explain things you already know, make it clear what you understand and advance the conversation. Men communicate more directly, and responding in a direct manner can help men wake up to what they are doing.”Read this article: 4 Ways Women Leaders Shut Down Mansplaining