Angel Laketa Moore

Entertainment/Public Speaking/YouTube Vlogging/Host - That Chick Angel TV/Halo Productions, LLC

I’ve been entertaining people all my life whether it was singing, dancing, or acting in plays. I decided to take my craft seriously and obtained a bachelor and master degree in acting and studied various forms of comedy. My YouTube career came about when I was pregnant with my first son and needed a creative outlet.

Kids Names / Ages: 
Marcus II, 7; Twins Sai & Kai, 22 months

What makes you different?  I
am truthful with a big splash of humor and optimism.

What is your goal/end game?
My goal is to build an entertainment empire that empowers people, especially women and minorities, that reaches to every major media platform.

What would your ideal job look like?
My ideal job would be multiple jobs. I would love to host my own online show that focused on serious issues dealing with motherhood and women-topics but with a humorous twist. As well as be the lead of a scripted comedy show.
Do you do offer any special benefits for parents with new babies or small children?
My YouTube channel and my public speaking are very mom centric. I share my life being a mom of twin babies and tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.

Do you have a hobby?
I don’t have time for hobbies currently. LOL.

Three pieces of advice that you’d give to moms who have their own businesses?
Be shameless about your business when promoting. As women we tend to be humble but there is no room for that in business. If you believe your business and ideas are good, shout it from the mountain top and tell everyone about it!

What is your secret sauce?
This might sound a little weird coming from me since I’m a woman of color but I believe that all women should operate with the confidence of a white male. So whenever I start questioning my goals I tell myself “Angel, where’s your white boy confidence?!!”

Favorite quote:
Plan A is be successful. Plan B is to make Plan A happen.

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